Postcard #1 from Creator Cabins

published7 months ago
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Hello internet friends,

Welcome to the first postcard from Creator Cabins!

This past week, humans from our corner of the internet got together IRL for the Creator Cabins soft launch. A group of indie hackers, online course creators, solopreneurs, and crypto-hippies came to live and work in the cabins for a week and see what happened:

The result was great conversations, deepened friendships, and exciting new ideas. We spent the week dreaming about decentralized cities, crypto-creator funding mechanisms, and internet-enabled collaboration. Some of the group is still here, working on a plan to crowdfund collaborative creator residencies.

It was a magical experience that I think I'll look back on as a moment of great personal change. Meeting this group IRL gave me a renewed energy and excitement to create independently online and help grow the GDP of the creator economy. I'm so grateful to have connected with these wonderful people during a year of social isolation. Their talent, energy, and drive give me hope for the future of independent online creators.

Here were some of my take-aways from the experience:

People are more 3-dimensional in reality

This is literally true—there’s a surprising fullness to faces you’re used to seeing on Zoom. But people also become pigeon-holed on social media. It’s magical to meet the whole human, not just the slice they show online.

Creativity happens in liminal time & space

The biggest thing I didn’t realize I was missing from the last year of social distancing was marginal conversations. Creative connections happen over morning coffee, not Zoom calls with an agenda and a hard stop after 30 minutes.

Diverse backgrounds + shared context = great conversations

Locally, people tend to have similar backgrounds but different interests. Internet friends can come from across the world and all walks of life, but have a shared understanding of ideas that makes discussions rich.

Online-to-offline relationships will be the default

In the Facebook era, people met in person and then became “friends” online. But it makes more sense to do the opposite: find your friends online and then meet up in person. Dating apps were the first to figure this out:

Come stay with us!

Our goal is to grow this community slowly and intentionally. We want to be the place where people from our corner of the internet come to spend time together IRL. You are the first members of the community, so we are going to open the first reservations to you.

We currently have some spots available at the cabins in June, July, and beyond. Looking forward to meeting you out here!

Not ready to book? Hit "reply" to this message and help me understand what would help get you out here : )

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